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10 Facts About Loki

Most people know Loki as the dashing Tom Hiddleston, but in the comics Loki is even more mischievous than what we see on screen. Since his MCU debut in Thor 2011, Loki has been stealing hearts and collecting new fans along the way. As Thor's adopted brother, Loki has always fought for his right to rule. Although Tom Hiddleston does such justice to this iconic comic book character, there are still some things about Loki that you may not know.


1. Loki actually deemed himself the God of Mischief

Loki ultimately grew into his devious ways. Although his illusions may have started out as harmless tricks, they quickly became more malicious. His lust for power consumed him, and lead him down his legendary path of villainy.

With centuries of failed plans to conquer Asgard and murder Thor, Loki later became known as the "God of Evil".

2. Loki cheated death with the help of Hela

Before dying during an attack on Asgard, Loki manipulated his adoptive older sister Hela into allowing him to be reborn. After his trick prevailed, he was indeed reborn as a brand new Loki. This allowed him to break free from his villainous past.

Loki was reborn into what Marvel Comic's classifies as Kid Loki. He was determined to become the opposite of his past self and went on several adventures in order to gain Thor's trust. After proving he could be a reliable defender of the Nine Realms, it allowed fellow heroes to see Kid Loki's desire to be a new person and develop a new personality, later becoming a Young Avenger.

3. Loki has dozens of variants

Since his debut in 1949, Loki has taken on multiple forms. Other than the Loki we love, and Kid Loki, the God of Mischief has had countless faces.

One of his most famous forms is Lady Loki. Loki was reborn as a woman after the events of Ragnorak. Lady Loki later possessed the form of Scarlet Witch and recruited a team of Avengers to defeat an elder god. Lady Loki's trick ultimately failed when Pietro Maximoff and Cassie Lang saw through her illusion, and was able to call on the Young Avengers, especially Wiccan, to ruin Lady Loki's mischievous plan.

4. Loki ran for president

Unable to quench his thirst for power, Loki eventually decided to run for President of The United States. In order to increase his popularity, Loki staged an attack on two other candidates. As Loki continued to grow his following, it started to take on a cult like appearance. Loki later conceded the presidential race after it was exposed that Loki was truly involved in the attack on his running mates.

5. Loki became the Sorcerer Supreme

When menacing attacks were soon to come to Earth, Loki decided that Doctor Strange was unfit to protect it as the Sorcerer Supreme. Using his famous illusions and trickery, he manipulated Doctor Strange into giving up his title of Sorcery Supreme to him.

Still unsatisfied, under his new title, Loki began to obsess over a spell that would transfer all of Earth's magic to him. Like most of his devious plans, he failed to conjure the spell. When Doctor Strange came-to, he teleported Loki to an unknown location that we can only assume was extremely unpleasant, but suitable for a God of Mischief.

6. Loki actually wielded Mjolnier

When Thor became unworthy of Mjolnir, due to the inverted Avengers event, he left his beloved weapon on the moon. When Loki arrived there in an attempt to set everything right, he picked up Mjolnir and became Thor. Using the weapon, he helped fight off the inverted Avengers until a reversion spell was cast.

Once that reversion spell was cast, it affected Loki as well. Loki became himself again, allowing the guilt of his past to resurface, making him once again unworthy.

7. Loki is canonically Bisexual

Even though Loki likes to shift between genders every now and again, he has always been open about his sexuality. He does have history in dating women, yet he has also expressed that he was raised in a realm doesn't hold the same standards as Earth. One could argue that Loki could even identify as asexual, as he tends to only use sex as a weapon and never for pleasure. When identifying as either gender, Loki has flirted with both genders. In the third episode of LOKI on Disney+, Loki even mentions there were a "bit of both" when asked if he was wooed by men or women as the Prince of Asgard.

8. Loki is an extreme linguist

Loki possesses the power of Allspeak which allows him to communicate in all languages found within the Nine Realms.

He can even perform and understand all of Earth's dialects, as wells as various Alien languages.

9. Loki is actually a skilled cook

In a the Loki: Agent of Asgard run in 2015, fans were delighted to find out that Loki actually has another hobby besides tricks and illusions: cooking!

Loki actually enjoys cooking Midgard foods, or Earth food. He tends to find it more interesting or exciting compared to his options on Asgard.

10. Loki has actually plotted to kill his adoptive brother Thor multiple times

Growing up, Loki has always had to live in the shadow of Thor. Full of resentment and jealousy, Loki plotted several times to kill his brother in order for him to become the most powerful being in Asgard.

As you can see from these fast facts, Loki in both the comics and the MCU are extremely mischievous. From this information, one can determine that Loki himself is very unpredictable, as you never quite know which Loki you're gonna get. Now mind you, there are lots of more fun and even shocking details about Loki that I didn't mention. If you would like to learn more about Loki, read up on him at!

To keep up with the God of Mischief, stream LOKI on Disney+ every Wednesday!


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