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42 Questions We Still Have About WandaVision

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

WandaVision on Disney+ has satisfied the need for Marvel content us fans have been starving for. With all the theories and weekly rewatches that led us to the finale, WandaVision left fans wanting more. Upon my recent re-binge of the show I realized there were a lot of questions presented to us that are still left unanswered. I wanted to share those with you here so we can all chat about them together!

  1. Where did Mr. Hart go?

After the first episode, we never see Mr. Hart again. We know that later he and Mrs. Hart are both real people in WestView, but we never see them together again. "Mrs. Hart" is always alone from beyond the first episode. So where is he?

2. How did Agatha enter the hex?

We find out later in the season that Wanda's magic from the hex called to her in a way. Agatha states that she "felt" it. But how did she enter without being effected by Wanda's initial reality warping spell? I guess we just have to assume she used her own magic to enter.

3. What happened to the Bee Keeper?

The Bee Keeper was a S.W.O.R.D agent that entered the hex. But after his appearance in the second episode, and his reappearance of the same scene in the 4th episode, he's never seen again. S.W.O.R.D didn't plan a rescue mission, and Wanda just literally rewinded her reality and kind of erased him from West View. So where did go? What happened to him?!?!

4. What were Agnes and Herb talking About

- Did Agnes "release" him?

After Wanda gives birth, we see Agnes and Herb seemingly have a pretty serious conversation. I guess we're meant to assume it's about Monica since Agnes reveals to Vision that she doesn't have a home and doesn't really belong in West View. But how is Herb able to have these self-aware conversations if he's under Wanda's spell? Did Agnes un-charm/re-charm him so she could have a pal on the inside?

5. How did Hayward track Vision?

In episode 6 it's revealed that Hayward is so concerned with Wanda and The Hex because he needs to track Vision. But we know now that Vision really isn't the real Vision and was created by Wanda. So how was he tracking "decaying Vibranium" if he wasn't really Vibranium at all?

6. Who are those missing astronauts?

In the 4th episode we get to see Monica head back to work. There she meets up with Hayward that then explains to the audience what S.W.O.R.D is and what they've been up to for past 5 years after the events of Endgame. He than states that he had members of his team be blipped and have yet to be found, including a team of astronauts. Who are they? Could they be Marvels first family, The Fantastic Four?! I think that's a strong possibility.

7. What is Monica's beef with Captain Marvel?

This tainted past that Monica has with her Aunt Carol (Captain Marvel) was mentioned or referred to at least twice throughout the show. It makes me want to believe that Monica holds some kind of grudge against her. Maybe Carol wasn't present for her mom's battle with cancer. Whatever it is, I'm sure they're leaving that discussion for Captain Marvel 2.

8. Who is Jimmy Woo's missing person?

- Is it the missing town instead?

When we see Jimmy Woo and Monica meet, he mentions he's on site for a missing person's investigation. He never really clarified who that was. I am also pretty sure they were never identified once he and Darcy we able to identify the other citizens in West View. So was Jimmy actually looking for a missing town? Is that person still missing? WHO ARE THEY?!?!

9. Did Agnes/Agatha actually start the kid's aging process?

In episode 5 Agnes offers to watch over the kids for a little while. The viewer gets a close up of Wanda and Vision's conversation, and soon they're interrupted by the silence of their twins. Agnes says something along the lines of, "Kids, you can't control them no matter how hard you try". We then see the twins at about 5 years old, hanging out on the stairs. If Wanda didn't alter the kids ages, it must of been Agatha right? RIGHT?

10. Who did Sparky actually belong to?

So all the citizens of West View were real people at the end of the day. I think it's safe to assume that Sparky was a real dog too. If that's really the case, then who the heck's dog did Agatha end up killing?!?!

11. Why was Monica not concerned with her cells changing?

Once Monica is ejected from The Hex, she learns that her encounter with that much radiation is altering her cells. She doesn't seem to care all that much. Is it because she saw her mom undergo so much worse? Or was it that she know her Aunt Carol was okay after absorbing an Infinity Stone. Either way, it's a little concerning that she was okay with possibly dying.

12. Why did Hayward want to vilify Wanda so bad?

In the end, we really know that all Hayward wanted was to turn Vision into his own weapon of mass destruction. But why make Wanda the villain? I guess this is because he needed someone to blame as to why he needed to defy the Soviet Accords. But in reality, wouldn't the FBI blame him anyway? It's a little confusing as to how he thought he was going to come out squeaky clean at the end of all this. ESPECIALLY AFTER EMPTYING A LOADING GUN AT CHILDREN. Just saying.

13. Was Agnes testing the kids's powers by killing Sparky?

After knowing that Agnes really is the powerful witch Agatha Harkness, it's really hard to not ask more question about her actions throughout the show before her big reveal. It even makes me question if her actions weren't only to test Wanda's abilities to also test to see how real her children were. But what was she even going to do with that information?

14. Was the Halloween episode actually on Halloween?

Being that WandaVision takes place about 3 weeks after Endgame, and Endgame took place in September I think it's safe to assume that this was really Halloween. I don't think Wanda would've just chose a random Holiday special for no reason!

15. What else is on Hayward's computer?

When Darcy hacks into Hayward's computer we can see there are tons of secret files on it just waiting to be leaked. What else was he planning?

16. What made Billy and Tommy real?

In the comics, Billy and Tommy are revealed to be pieces of Mephisto's soul. In another, they're the result of Wanda absorbing Agatha Harkness's powers. But in WandaVision, we assume that Wanda just used her own powers to conjure them up. But at the end credit scene we hear them calling out for Wanda again. Are their souls lost? If so then were their souls real?

17. Are these "space friends" actually skrulls?

When Monica says she has friends who can help her re-enter The Hex, they're revealed to be S.W.O.R.D astronauts. But what if they're actually Skrulls? Skrulls were present in one of the end credit scenes for the show!

18. What kid did Agnes bite?

I have no thoughts on this. Other than that I am really concerned for that child.

19. We assume Agatha stole the Darkhold?

- Is that how she got so powerful?

I guess that the magic Agatha learned that was out of her rank was from the Darkhold. Being that the Darkhold is such powerful text, I assume in the "witch world" only trusted and experienced witch's are allowed to read it. Breaking this rule is obviously a criminal enough offense that you apparently deserve to be magically burned at the stake.

20. Why didn't Agatha go after Wanda before she felt The Hex?

Agatha was obviously aware of The Avengers, because she told Vision so. But, I mean, at this point who wouldn't know about The Avengers. With that being said, why didn't Agatha think to go after Wanda before all of this happened in West View? Was she not sure of Wanda was actually a witch?

21. If Wanda survived the experiment because she was a witch, how in the world did Pietro survive?

Now we know that Wanda survived the Hydra enhancement experiment in Sokovia because she was born a witch. But this doesn't explain how Pietro made it out alive.

22. What is Hayward's actual intension with Vision?

We know he wanted to make Vision into a weapon, but for what? Did he not see how Ultron turned out? Not a good idea my dude.

23. Who taught Wanda to drive?

This obviously isn't that big of a deal. It's more of a personal question that I just need answered. I am going to assume it was Clint or Steve until someone tells me otherwise.

24. How did they buy this land?

So I get they wanted to live in West View because it was a quiet little town outside of NYC but, how did they get a deed? Vision is basically a robot and Wanda was technically a criminal after Civil War. When did they have time to decide they wanted a house? HOW DID THEY DO THIS?

25. Was the deed a gift?

Yes I am still questioning this deed because by all accounts it makes no sense. But honestly it's super cute so I'm not even mad about it.

26. How did Wanda pull part of the Mind Stone out of herself to create Vision?

I am so impressed by Wanda's powers that I almost forgot to question her abilities. How was she able to pull power from the Mind Stone in her grief?

27. What does Wanda actually think of White Vision?

So we know Wanda love's Vision no matter what, but the girl didn't even get a chance to accept this is probably his true form from now on.

28. Is Ralph Boner an actor?

That's the only thing that can explain this creepy headshot right? It would also make sense as to why Agatha chose him to manipulate as "Pietro".

29. Was Hayward really going to kill Wanda's kids?

Did he actually think that murdering the potentially fake children of the most powerful Avenger on the planet was going to help his cause?

30. Did Monica know she could stop those bullets?

Monica was willing to risk her life for those kids. For that, we stan.

31. Where was Hayward running to before Darcy hit him?

I really want to know where he thought he could escape to.

32. Where did White Vision blast off to?

After realizing that he is in fact the vessel of the true Vision, he just flies off without any knowing of where he was going. What is this guy up to?

33. How did Wanda remember the Runes?

The only explanation can be that this girl has mad photographic memory.

34. Why "thank you for choosing me to be your mom?"

This just further adds to my confusion. Did Wanda steal souls or did she secretly protect their souls and send them elsewhere while The Hex closed in on them? Didn't get to see them evaporate away like we saw Vision, so I guess anything is possible!

35. Why did the town just let Wanda go?

I know the town probably didn't really care because they just wanted rid of her, but I think she should've at least got like a fine or something. Right?

36. Where did Darcy run off to?

After Darcy allows Hayward to be arrested by the authorities, she just runs off and leaves West View. Part of me want to believe that isn't something she would actually do. So if she really did, what was her reasoning?

37. Is Nick Fury the one asking for Monica?

When that Skrull points to the sky and says that someone is requesting to see Monica, my first thought was that it has to be Nick Fury. Being that this is taking place before the event of Spider-Man: Far From Home, we know that Nick Fury has to already be in space or planing to go there.

38. Is Wanda on Sokovia?

Wanda's little hideaway seems like it could be located in her home country. But then does that mean she flew herself all the way there from New Jersey?

39. How is Wanda hearing her kids?

I know I kind of mentioned this before, but I am really curious as to where Wanda's kids are. Is Marvel trying to create the Young Avengers without telling us?

40. How will Wanda meet up with Dr. Strange?

It's been repeatedly confirmed that Wanda will appear in Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. This makes me question when and how they'll team up. Many fans thought it would happen in the show, but clearly the doc was where to be found.

41. Where were The Avengers this whole time?

I guess you can ask this question during MCU event, but being that WandaVision only took place less than a month after everyone blipped back who'd think they'd keep some closer tads on their heroes. Knowing that Wanda was mourning the lose of THREE of her teammates, including her lover, I'm kind of disappointed no one else thought to check up on our girl.

42. Will Wanda be a villain?

If anything is a Villain Origin Story, it's WandaVision. Wanda has seen her husband die three times, she lost her children, her perfect reality was interrupted by people who wanted to vilify her, her husband's dead body was pulled apart and put back together again, and now she's alone in a cabin reading the book of the damned. This girl needs a therapist.

All in all, WandaVision is an amazing show. It was a great start to Phase 4 of the MCU. It really puts fans in the right mindset for the projects planned to come out this year after the Marvel drought we had this past year. I am show excited to see where these characters go next, and now I have more confidence in the quality of content Disney+ can put out.

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