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Black Widow: My Review (SPOILERS)

It's been over 2 years since we've been able to see a Marvel movie in theaters. On July 8th, I was finally able to see Black Widow after the many delays due to the pandemic. Black Widow is the first film installment of Phase 4 of the MCU, and although it's not perfect it was a great look into the future of Marvel films.

Black Widow is action packed with crazy stunts. It's definitely a spy film that has parallels to movies like Mission: Impossible or Jason Bourne. Between Taskmaster and Natasha, the prison break scene, and the Black Widow fight in the Red Room - Black Widow is unlike any other Marvel film. It's non-stop action, and it finally gives fans insight on the Black Widow program in the MCU.

I'll admit that I was not totally impressed with the film on the first watch, but after seeing it a second time I appreciated it more. I think I originally went into the film with too high of expectations, and I expected to learn more about the future of MCU films. I'll also admit that I was disappointed with the Taskmaster reveal.

After my rewatch, I felt as if I was able to enjoy the film more because I wasn't anticipating a cameo or some major plot twist. During my rewatch, I respected Natasha's story more. I became a bigger fan of Yelena and Alexei. I also wasn't as disappointed with the Taskmaster reveal. Everything eventually made more sense.

The true reason for Marvel telling this story, was to help justify Natasha's decision to let go and sacrifice herself in Avengers: Endgame. While watching the film again, I was starting to think about Natasha in Endgame. I began to wonder if her Black Widow family was "blipped" - giving her even more of a reason to sacrifice herself. She completed her mission of destroying the Red Room and its leaders, she reconciled with her "given" family, and she was able to somewhat band the Avengers together for Infinity War. She cleared as much red from her ledger as she possibly could, and the last thing that she had to do was bring everyone back. She did it. Black Widow's legacy is solidified in this film, and for that I have so much respect.

Fans boys and critics can try to rip this film apart, but what they can never destroy is its heart. Black Widow is a spy film, and action film, and a family film - and it is a Marvel film. I love seeing Marvel continuing to take risks and step out of their normal genre. Phase 4 is molding the MCU into a totally fresh franchise, and as a fan I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are impatiently waiting for our next MCU installment.

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