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What We Can Expect From LOKI

Since the season finale of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, fans have been patiently awaiting, arguably, one of the most anticipated Disney+ shows to welcome in a new era; mischief. The Marvel fandom has been spewing with excitement over this show and its lead, Tom Hiddleston, since the first teaser trailer dropped. Since then, not many details about the show have been revealed but, we know what to expect.

As we know from both Loki's comic book and MCU history, his character can be a little chaotic and hard to trust. From the first teaser, it's fair to assume that Loki will be helping the TVA. The TVA is a bureaucracy that governs a vast number of realities in the ever growing multiverse. Since their organization is burdened with keeping tabs on everything single reality that exists, it makes sense that they would confront Loki after his "split" in Avenger: Endgame. When Loki grabs the Tesseract and uses it to escape, he creates an alternate timeline or another reality.

Some other fun things about this particular teaser was the direct node to the Vote Loki comic book run from 2016. This popular series focused on Loki's campaign for President of The United States. I think it could be pretty fun to see Loki exercise his origin as a leader in the show, but rather in this twisted multiverse type of way. But other than seeing Loki play out some of his comic book stories in this trailer, we see the MCU implying that Loki was the real life mystery man D.B Cooper. In November of 1971, D.B Cooper hijacked a plane that was traveling from Portland to Seattle. He insisted he had a bomb, and demanded $200,000 in twenty-dollar bills. Once he received what he requested, he jumped of the plane with a parachute and his ransom money, never to be seen again. Many assumed D.B Cooper never survived his landing, but with his body unrecovered his disappearance still remains a mystery. However, in the trailer we can see that Loki gets saved by the Bifrost, leading us to assume that this scene will be taking place during a time that Asgard is still a place rather than a people. If Loki is believed to be D.B Cooper, he could possibly be making his way through other mysterious moments in history.

Although Loki seems to be teaming up with the TVA in this series, they can't really trust each other. Loki is clearly trying to break free from their facility, and we know that Loki only tends to team up for things for his own benefit. All the timey-wimey stuff going on in this series seems very reminiscent of Doctor Who, and it's interesting to see Marvel taking on a sci-fi thriller-esque style show.

In this trailer, we get more familiar with Agent Mobius played by Owen Wilson. In the comics, Agent Mobius is in fact a member of the TVA. We can expect Owen Wilson to add a little of his own edge to the character, making him more relatable and charismatic. The pairing of both Wilson and Hiddleston of screen already seems so effortless, and I am excited to see how these characters interact throughout the season.

Just at the beginning of this month, when hype was starting to generate for Marvel's next Disney+ project, Tom Hiddleston himself gifted us with this great surprise. Loki will no longer be streaming every Friday, but instead every Wednesday starting June 9th - pushing the release date up by two days. In true Loki fashion, this "mischievous" decision from Marvel wasn't done without reason. With the delayed MCU films having permanent release dates now, if Loki would continue to stream a new episode every Friday, episode 5 of the season would have premiered the same day as Black Widow (July 9th). Since we now know that Black Widow will premiere in theaters that day as well as on Disney+ with the purchase of Premiere Access, it makes sense that Marvel would want to reserve that day solely for her. After everything that Scarlet Johansson and her character has done/been through in the MCU, I think she deserves it - especially since her long-awaited solo film has been delayed for over a year.

Much like the character, Loki the series, is burdened with glorious purpose. With all the hype surrounding this show, it'll be interesting to see how super-fans and average fans alike, interpret this new project in the MCU. After rewatching all of the clips, teasers, and trailers that have been released, it is safe to say that we can expect a true mischievous time. Loki will probably help usher in the MCU Multiverse with the help of WandaVision, Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness, and what we fans think will be Spider-Man: No Way Home. Being able to explore the multiverse and understand how alternate realities/timeline work in a show like this, before we see it unfold on the big screen, we will be a big help for fans. When it comes to time travel, or anything of the sort, having the mechanics become too complicated easily allows the audience to become disinterested. With the help of Tom Hiddleston and Loki, the MCU is likely to avoid all of that.

Stream Loki every Wednesday starting June 9th - only on Disney+!

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