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Hawkeye: The On Target Premiere

On November 24th, one of the 6 original Avengers finally premiered a self-titled show. Hawkeye is the next installment of Marvel's cinematic Phase 4 plan, and Clint Barton finally getting a show that is (almost) all his own.

Set 2 years after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Hawkeye is trying to enjoy his "retirement" with his family when his plans get derailed by Kate Bishop - our new "world's greatest archer".

At the start of the series we see just how much Clint means to Kate. In 2012, during the attack on New York, Hawkeye is seen saving young Kate from a Chitari. It's that same scene we've seen of him from Avengers a thousand times, but now it has so much more meaning. After seeing Clint's heroic dive on top of one of New York's skyscrapers, Kate asks her mother for her own bow and arrow. As we can see from the opening credits in the first episode, Kate toke her archery very seriously. Kate is seen winning tons of championships, tournaments, and events in archery, gymnastics, and karate. Her mom even mentions how she achieved her black belt at only 15.

The first two episodes of Hawkeye really set up what we are to expect this season. We are going to get a ton of action, some murder mystery solving, and major family drama. Meanwhile, it's Christmas! These first two episodes really set up the rest of the series for success. I've really enjoyed meeting Kate, and seeing how strong Hawkeye's family still is after the events of Endgame. Clint and his wife have such a great, healthy, and supportive relationship. Compared to all the other relationships within the MCU, The Barton's relationship should be the one we all want for ourselves!

Personally, if I want anything to revisited this season, I just really want Clint to become a true NYC Larper. The first two episodes of Hawkeye are streaming now on Disney+, and every Wednesday.

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